FADE camisole

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Size: Free
Quality: シルク、ポリエステル、その他



A Camisole from the FADE series.

This soft feeling camisole features a Bias cut which gives a beautifully flattering silhouette. The elegant design on the back also gives a hint of sexiness.

Delicate British-made lace graces the chest area and gives a mature yet girly feel. The gorgeous pink colour was carefully selected by the designer.

When styled with a low cut top, the elegant lace will cheekily peek through.

You can also style it with a cardigan over the top for a lingerie mix coordinate.

Free Size

Materials: Silk, Polyester, Other.

※ The picture is only a sample. The real item may differ in actual colour.

※ Please be aware that the width of the lace on this item will be 1cm smaller than displayed in the picture.


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  • Harness choker

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